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My name is Mitch.  I have had a love affair with music all my life. As a teenager I started collecting records and wrote record reviews for a small local folk music magazine . In the early 1970’s I began working in and managing record stores. About this time I began collecting movie posters with pictures of musicians on them.  I went on to work the wholesale side of the music industry by being an area rep for independent music labels.  Around 1980 I bought my first two concert posters, a 1941 Duke Ellington and a 1941 Cab Calloway.  I fell in love with the concert poster “Genre” and have been collecting them ever since.

I have written For “Goldmine Magazine”, been interviewed by “Worth Magazine-The Robb Report” and appeared on the T.V. Show “Chronicle“. My collection has appeared in “Time-Life Publications”, P.B.S. documentaries, news reports and many books.

My collection consists of what are called “boxing style” posters because of their similarity to posters used to advertise boxing matches. It includes all types of concert posters, flyers, handbills and musicians business cards from the dawn of recorded music until Dec 31, 1969  11:59 p.m.,  plus some later Punk groups. I collect all kinds of musical genres except classical and “Bad” pop.   I do not collect “Fillmore West” and “Family Dog” posters. Most all the items pictured here are still in my collection, though some have gone in trades.

I have set records with the prices that I have paid.  I set a record for ‘the highest price ever paid for a concert poster’ when I purchased The “Beatles Shea Stadium” poster.  I also set a record for the highest price paid for a “Rolling Stones” poster and the highest paid for a “Country and Western” poster.

I am always looking to buy. The posters shown here are not for sale but should give you an indication of what I am looking to buy. If you have authentic posters of the type that I am looking for, please do not hesitate to email me.


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